Mark made his first show up at London Fashion Week with his innovative knitting design in the industry. The fine blend of Lycra and viscose, and the hollow and woven tassel details, create a delicate wonderful effect.

Mark used a powerful natural phenomenon: thunderstorm as the design theme.
The tailored dresses continue the styles in London, with subtle slicks on the back, breaking the ordinary rule.

"To me, they are like gems, exuding magical powers."

Mark exceptionally used three plus size models to interpret his new spring and summer collection.

The density of the net is used to create a contrast effect, and a large area of holes is used to show the femininity, which interprets the sexy charm.

This season, Mark played with knitting skills and created a three-dimensional effect, which is a pleasant surprise.

The usage of leather are strong and powerful, luxurious and rich in texture.

Utopia destroyed by acid rain
Mark remembers the destruction and rebirth as the core concepts in this season. Then combines his own expertise in hollow knitting to create new image.
The fine tassels on the hem of the tight-fitting mesh dress exude fatal temptation.

This season, Mark played with knitting skills and created a three-dimensional effect, which is a pleasant surprise.
The usage of leather are strong and powerful, luxurious and rich in texture.

Rough knit again adds the rebellious sexy charm in the collection.
Tights that fit the women curves, with details such as folds, layering, and tassels, present a luxurious style.
The use of large areas in gold and orange gives an aesthetic taste of ancient Greek style.

Inspired by David Lynch's movie "Fire Walk with Me".
The sporty style loose blouse and tight skirt, adding new level to familiar sexy image. Fringed shoulder pads and oversized coats are also fashionable to convey a refined and elegant style.

Mark launched a spontaneous "slum" fashion collection
Use tassels and metallic colors to create a modern look, and the images look fresh and agile, like a palette.
Metal accessories portray a "fearless" and "strong" female image.

Through the darkness
The series conveys Mark's tribute to Eiko Ishioka.
The conflict between romance and darkness is depicted through black, delicate pink and eye-catching red.
Use a slightly morbid mood to design a unique and dramatic beauty.

Inspired by the morning sky after party, dark turquoise is scattered on a monochromatic palette, while neon yellow captures the energy of youngsters.
Mark also create a zigzag shape on the dress to make the item fit slimmer

It is inspired by a trip to Mumbai, where the ubiquitous neon lights and brilliant sunrise, to design a light brown color combination.
Intarsia fabrics, knots and woollen technology, as well as escalating yarn reforms

Black, white, red, and purple combine to form a powerful and romantic collection. The sequins and tassels are used to the extreme this season.
The nudity contrasts with the stacking of large number of tassels, creating a silhouette with dramatic and luxury charm.

Using tassels and delicate weaving techniques Create a gorgeous and impressive flowing dress style
The usage of pastels and sequins exudes a romantic and dreamy feeling

Sequins have always been Mark's iconic design. The usage of metallic green, yellow, and fuchsia is full of vitality and conveys a sense of holiness.
The exquisite golden feather tassels swaying when you walked

MARK has constructed new knitting form, and the classic dress silhouette has become dynamic and light with tassels.
The usage of macaron color is sweet and charming

This season was inspired by an accidental reading of "National
Geographic". The beautiful natural scenery and colors deeply inspired Mark, and his imagination as well.
The iconic knitted collide with neon pink, green and yellow to create a different young fashion.

Autumn/Winter 2020 collection is inspired by the London rock singer Francoise Hardy in the late 1960s.
The combination of customized fashion and young street sports style brings a boyish trend.